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6-Step Marie Kondo Closet Reset

As one of the top 10 professional organizers in Monterey and a Certified KonMari Consultant, I only use Marie Kondo’s KonMari Method® for closet organization! Make sure you have at least a 3 hour chunk of time for this project.

  1. Pile Up: Remove all contents from the closet and pile onto bed or an open space. Pick out any items that are not clothing, shoes, or accessories. Next gather all clothing items from elsewhere in the home, care, etc and add to the pile. Finally sweep/vacuum/dust closet space for a clean start.

  2. Subcategorize: Separate the entire pile into subcategories (pants, shirts, jackets, socks, hats, scarves, etc) and group these in their own stack or container for clear visual boundates. The more items you have, the more helpful subcategories will be. This division will be especially good for cataloguing how many/what color of each type of item you have.

  3. Joy Check: Specific to Marie Kondo’s organizing method and for Professional Organizers in Monterey, this step is the most insightful and transformative and deserves your full attention. Start with the clothing stacks and move through shoes, all worn accessories (including handbags), then jewelry. As you hold each item, feel/sense/think about it’s joy factor for you. Does it make you smile? Protect you from the elements? Provide comfort? Set “keepsake” items aside to be revisited during the final sentimental category.

  4. Keep and Discard: As you joy check each item, place “keep” in one area, still in their subcategory groups. “Discard” items should be thanked for their service (verbally or mentally) and can be placed all together in boxes or bags. Once this process is complete, decide what destinations the discard items will go to (local donations, gifted to someone, sold etc), and label the containers accordingly. Place all discard items by your front door and commit to letting them go ASAP.

  5. Take Stock: You will now have a defined amount of “keep” items for each category. Review these groups and make a list of anything essential that is missing. Did all of your pants go to “discard” because your style, job, or the climate you live in changed? Next assess and measure your closet space and while comparing to your “keep” items, add any shelving, hangers, or bin items to the list.

  6. Put it Together: First replace the hung clothing items. If items have previously become misshapen on hangers, consider folding. Next store folded items in drawers or bins/baskets on shelves. “File” or vertical folding is an excellent choice for space maximization, visibility, and rotation. Finally put shoes, bags, hats, scarves, gloves, belts, etc away. Use racks and containers for each category. If jewelry is one of your categories, display in a way that sparks joy and is easily accessible! As one of the leading Professional Organizers in Monterey I hope these tips have served you well!


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Professional Organizers in Monterey



What is the KonMari Method®?

A: The KonMari Method® is an organizing approach developed by bestselling author and tidying guru Marie Kondo. This unique strategy is to organize all of your belonging by category versus area of your home. The categories in order are clothing, books, papers, miscellaneous, and sentimental items.

What containers do I need to organize my closet?

A: Before finding or purchasing containers for your closet, first go through the process of sorting and discarding the clothing. That way you will know how many items you have left to put away. Dressers, open drawer systems, and rectangular boxes, bins, or baskets are perfect for folded clothing.


Does Marie Kondo have a rule for how many clothes to keep?

A: No! As long as you joy check each clothing item as you are sorting and discarding, you can keep any amount of clothing. What is important is that you take the time to decide if the item makes you happy and is useful in your wardrobe.


What does “spark joy” mean?

A: It refers to whether an item brings you joy.  The “joy factor” can be different for everyone and may involve if it make you happy, protects you from the elements, makes you feel comfortable, or is a useful tool to accomplish work, household chores, or hobbies.


Should I fold the Marie Kondo way?

A: Absolutely! Marie’s signature file folding or vertical folding is an excellent way to maximize space, increase visibility, and promote rotation of items. It’s easy to learn and even young children can do it.

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