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Clearing Covid Clutter

As one of the leading professional organizer in Santa Cruz, California, I help clients who are overwhelmed with clutter from staying home during the current pandemic. While we continue to focus on safety within our families and communities, some of us may be ready to clean up and are wondering where to start.



As a professional organizer in Santa Cruz I will say start with your wardrobe! Whether your attire has evolved along with the changing nature of your professional responsibilities or there are children in your household shedding outgrown clothing, chances are the closets are overdue for a cleaning. In addition to donation centers reopening, there are many online community groups that could help. For example, look up your local chapter of the The Buy Nothing Project on Facebook.


Do you have a corner full of library books? A stack of good reads to return to friends? If your public library isn’t open yet, they are likely to be accepting drop off returns and in many cases are setting appointments for book pick up. After that’s taken care of, inquire with friends if they are comfortable with a porch drop off.


Professional Organizer Santa Cruz

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For most of us, these past months have required the incorporation of office and/or school into our homes. If this has resulted in domestic chaos, you are not alone! If possible, each working or schooling individual
should have their own space. One desk or table can serve multiple people with the use of a divider or curtain. Focus on sorting and organizing your own work space first before helping family members.



Your home might have a spare room that contains a growing pile of stuff. If you have the time and enthusiasm for organizing the entire space, start by separating items into categories and then sort out the disposal items before storing each category in its own box, basket, cabinet, or shelf. If you need a quick way to open up the space, remove the largest item in the room and find a permanent place for it in your home or donate it.



You can transform the ordinary treasures from household clutter into cherished and useful items using a little creativity. With the holidays approaching, consult Pinterest or crafting books for projects such as a T-shirt quilt or a framed jewelry organizer. This one was made from wedding dress fabric and an antique embroidery hoop. For gift wrapping, use kids’ artwork or the comics section from old newspapers.  These types of tricks of the trade a professional organizer on Santa Cruz would use, all with their own style.


Professional Organizer Santa Cruz

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With increased remote work and school, email accounts are working overtime! Can’t find that important Zoom invite? Bombarded by distance learning protocol updates? Take a moment to delete, unsubscribe, and categorize. If the sheer volume is too much, or if your personal system is no longer serving your needs, consider trying some of the free or paid organizing tools for integrating and managing email accounts. I hope my tips as a leading professional organizer on Santa Cruz have served you well.




Is it safe to donate clothing during COVID-19?

A: Yes, clothing is currently accepted at donation centers in most cities. However, hours of operation or donation guidelines may have changed, so be sure to contact your local non-profit donations centers such as Goodwill for accurate information.

How should I organize my library books?

A: Library books are a revolving category of books that increase and decrease over time. Therefore they should be organized and stored separately from your regular books. Create a special small shelf, cubby, or basket for library books and keep in a place near the front door so you remember to return them.

How to make a home office?

A: Locate a spot in a different room or far corner of the room from where you sleep and if needed, use a folding screen, curtain, or rearranged bookcase to act as a divider. Use a desk, table, or standing shelf or counter and set up your computer, planner, and desktop essentials. Make sure you have good lighting and add a visually pleasing element such as a plant.

Should I keep kid’s artwork?

A: If your kid’s art papers are piling up, sort through them each week and keep 1-2 items. These can go in a binder, be framed for hanging art, or added to a keepsake bin for each child. The discarded art can be reused as gift wrapping paper or greeting cards, and the rest can be recycled or trashed.

What are the best ways to manage email?

A: If your email inbox is only a tad overwhelming, make sure to delete and unsubscribe on a daily or weekly basis. Then spend some time categorizing and creating folders for important email correspondence. If the volume is too large to manage, try one of the free or paid programs for email account management.


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