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I founded Tidy Evolution & Home Organizer Services because, as a professional organizer, I am devoted to supporting individuals as they clear the clutter and make space for a life they love. Clients who work with me report lasting order and calm in their surroundings, plus a personal commitment to choosing joy for their future!

After a lifetime of frequent transitions requiring organizational coping strategies, I discovered profound systematic and psychological benefits from the KonMari Method®. This process allowed me to gracefully move past unresolved life changes and forward towards big dreams and goals.

I am the proud mother of two fantastic kids and I understand the challenge of balancing family, career, and self-care. Building on a 20 year teaching career with a Masters in Bilingual Education, I use my skills as an educator to meet diverse learning styles and needs with my clients.

I would be honored to help you throughout your Tidy Evolution via my professional Home Organizer Services.


As a Professional Organizer certified in Marie Kondo’s method, Mia Keenan helps to declutter and organize your space while teaching you sustainable systems for lasting results and joy in your surroundings!


Home Organizer Services | Learn KonMari Method®
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Home Organizer Services
Home Organizer Services

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I hired Mia to help me tidy up my house after several years of small children followed by several years of illness left me with what felt like an insurmountable mountain of clutter. I didn’t even know where to start. The best part of working with Mia is not just that she gives direction, and accountability to the work, but she also brings fresh ways of looking at spaces that I couldn’t even see differently any more. “What if we tried this?” she would ask, or “What would you really like to use this space for?” and suddenly my tired old cramped corner could open up into an entirely new and happy space.


I sought out Mia’s help with the komono (miscellaneous) category. It was my first attempt at having a professional help me declutter and organize my home. I had lost the motivation to begin on my own. What an amazing opportunity! Mia arrived with enthusiasm and experience with a proven system that works. We took on my two hall closets, one of them with only linens and the other being truly miscellaneous. Both closets had not been organized in 10 years, and were bursting at the seams and causing daily stress whenever opened. I loved her ideas for how to restructure the areas keeping aesthetic and functionality equally in mind. We worked very efficiently, completing both areas in only a few hours each. It was truly incredible to transform these areas with Mia’s professional assistance! This was some of the best money I’ve ever spent on my home and mental health simultaneously. Thank you Mia!!


I was fortunate to have Mia guide me through the entire KonMari tidying process. The teamwork of confronting my excessive possessions and the organization of things I chose to keep was outstandingly successful. It feels like I am in a different home and it feels great. An additional bonus has presented itself in that I am experiencing an easier flow in my home and my thinking process. Thank you.